The Easiest Way You Can Help Save the Future of Arts & Literature

The Campanile at UC Berkeley (Photo by Cindy Fazzi). The university’s Pacific Film Archive is one of the many recipients of NEA grants in California.

The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) and the National Endowment for Humanities (NEH), which provide much needed resources to low-income communities in all 50 states, face the danger of complete elimination.  The Authors Guild is working with a host of literary and arts organizations to prevent the defunding of the two agencies. Support the guild’s initiative by signing a petition now. You don’t have to be a member to lend your name. (more…)

Author Richard Russo Calls Out Google for Justifying Theft as Public Service


When someone takes your car without your consent, it’s called theft. But when Google digitized millions of books without getting permission from their authors and without paying for copyrighted material, it’s called public service, according to Richard Russo, author of the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, “Empire Falls.”


The Giving Season: Top 5 Gifts for the Writer in Your Life


The Christmas tree in Folsom Public Library (Calif.) celebrates books.

Writing is a long-term endeavor. If you have a writer in your life, that person is going to need your support over the long haul. If you’re looking for something to give this holiday season or for other occasions, consider the following five gifts. (more…)

Authors Guild Survey Shows Huge Decline in Income for Writers

Folsom Library-Used BooksIf you’re thinking of giving up your day job to become a full-time writer, be sure to read the Authors Guild’s first survey on income in six years. It’s a sobering report that shows authors are not making as much money, even though they spend more time marketing their works. (more…)

For Author Christa Maurice, Romance and Rock ‘n’ Roll Go Together

ChristaMaurice-RRSoM-BK3-aGtbSimple-300x450If you once had a collection of Metallica albums or Kurt Cobain posters, then you’ll understand why romance author Christa Maurice writes about rock stars. She admits to being that rare first grader who knew about Black Sabbath and Blue Oyster Cult. (more…)

How Eavesdropping Led to Audrey King’s Romance Book

LAIS_500x750_optWhether it’s in the supermarket or the airport or the dentist’s office, we all eavesdrop. But it’s likely to be a passing experience. Not so for independent writer Audrey King. A conversation she heard in a gift shop combined with the romantic atmosphere of the town where the shop was located inspired her latest romance book, “Love As It Seems.” (more…)

Authors Guild Push for 50 Percent E-Book Royalty for Traditional Authors

AuthorsGuild-ComputerScreenBack in 2009, e-books accounted for only about 3-5 percent of book sales, so a 25 percent royalty didn’t have as much impact on an author’s earnings. Today, e-books represent 25-30 percent of all adult trade book sales, but the e-book royalty has remained the same for most traditionally published writers. The Authors Guild, which called the practice unfair, has launched an initiative seeking 50 percent e-book royalty for all traditional authors. (more…)

Romance Author Kristina Mathews Proves Naysayers Wrong



Someone once told Kristina Mathews, a self-professed “sports fanatic,” that romance novels about athlete heroes wouldn’t sell. It’s good she didn’t listen to the naysayers. “I knew deep down that I wasn’t the only woman who loves sports, and I probably wasn’t the only woman who wanted to read about athletes and how hard it is to have the kind of personal success they enjoyed on the field,” she said. (more…)

Author Mae Clair’s “Myth and Magic” Combines Romance and Suspense

Myth And Magic-smallIn Mae Clair’s latest book, Halloween is scorching hot. “I always wanted to write a tale centered on that holiday,” she said. The result is “Myth and Magic,” a romantic suspense and mystery novel inspired by her childhood fascination about a haunted house in her neighborhood. (more…)

Discovering James Salter and the Beauty of “A Sport and a Pastime”

ASportandAPastime2-CindyFazziPhotoI discovered James Salter’s “A Sport and a Pastime” last year, thanks to my writing critique partner’s recommendation. I don’t know how I missed such a beautiful novel all these years, but better late than never. (more…)