How to Use Music in Your Novel: “In His Corner” Playlist

Use music to add depth to a scene or character in your novel.

Use music to add depth to a scene or character in your novel.

In novels like “High Fidelity” (Nick Hornby) and “Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist” (Rachel Cohn and David Levithan), music is central to the story. But even if your novel doesn’t focus on music, you can use it to establish the mood of a scene or strengthen your depiction of a character. Read the full post »

Small Presses: Three Publishers Welcome Unagented Submissions

Manuscript&Plant-CindyFazziMost unpublished writers consider the two obvious publishing paths available—traditional publishing with the Big Five and self-publishing. They should also consider small presses as a viable third path. Harvard Square Editions, Salvo Press, and Split Lip Press are small publishing houses that accept unagented and unsolicited manuscripts. Read the full post »

Is Writing a Book Like Having a Baby? Six Differences and Similarities

Today is the release day for "In His Corner," published by Lyrical Press/Kensington Publishing.

Today is the release day for “In His Corner,” published by Lyrical Press/Kensington Publishing.

People say writing a book is like having a baby. Since I’ve done both, I can tell you that the analogy is only partly true. Yes, there are similarities, but also major differences. Read the full post »

Grove Atlantic and Partners Establish Literary Hub as Go-To Site for Readers

Books6A group of publishers, literary journals, and independent bookstores established Literary Hub ( as a one-stop Web site where readers will find both original and curated content. The site will go live today.  Read the full post »

“Revolutionary” Features a Strong Heroine Who Defies Gender Roles

Alex Myers' Revolutionary

(Book cover image courtesy of Alex Myers)

Book Review: “Revolutionary” by Alex Myers, published by Simon & Schuster, 2014

In 1782, it was illegal for a woman to dress as a man in Massachusetts. Deborah Samson, the 22-year-old heroine of Alex Myers’s literary novel, not only dresses as a man but fights as a soldier during the American Revolutionary War. Read the full post »

Booktrope Seeks Fiction and Non-Fiction Manuscripts

Manuscript&Rock-CindyFazziDo you have an unpublished manuscript? Booktrope, a digital publishing startup, might be right for you. It combines the structure of traditional publishing with the freedom of self-publishing. Read the full post »

Write What You Know? Why It Pays to Defy That Writing Advice

Arthur Golden defied the “write what you know” dictum when he wrote about a geisha.

Arthur Golden defied the “write what you know” dictum when he wrote about a geisha.

We’ve all been told to write what we know. But authors like Arthur Golden, Kazuo Ishiguro, and Annie Proulx have defied that writing advice successfully. Read the full post »

For Readers & Authors: iAuthor Introduces New Book-Discovery Platform

Books2If you’re a reader or author feeling lost in a sea of Internet noise about books, check out iAuthor, a new platform for discovering books. Read the full post »

Forbes Article: 3 Career Reinvention Tips From A Reporter Turned Romance Writer

A Forbes article titled “3 Career Reinvention Tips From A Reporter Turned Romance Writer” coincided with the one-month countdown to the release of my debut romance book, “In His Corner.Read the full post »

Amazon’s Kindle Scout Seeks Unpublished Novels

Manuscript&Books-CindyFazziKindle Scout, Amazon’s crowdsourced publishing platform, is open to submissions. You may submit an unpublished novel in these genres: romance, mystery, thriller, and science fiction/fantasy. Read the full post »


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