How Eavesdropping Led to Audrey King’s Romance Book

LAIS_500x750_optWhether it’s in the supermarket or the airport or the dentist’s office, we all eavesdrop. But it’s likely to be a passing experience. Not so for independent writer Audrey King. A conversation she heard in a gift shop combined with the romantic atmosphere of the town where the shop was located inspired her latest romance book, “Love As It Seems.” Read the full post »

Two Small Presses Unagented Writers Should Know About

Manuscript&Flowers-CindyFazzipicIf you’re a writer who has finished a novel or a memoir, but hasn’t found a publisher or a literary agent, take note of these two small presses: Two Dollar Radio and Black Balloon Publishing. They might be the right fit for you. Read the full post »

Top 10 California Novels

Historic Folsom Mural2

This mural serves as a landmark in the historic district of Folsom, Calif. (Photo by Vincent Fazzi, Aug. 15, 2015)

Growing up in Manila, I always thought of California as John Steinbeck country.  I didn’t make a distinction between northern or southern California. I only thought of the California in “The Grapes of Wrath” and “Of Mice and Men.” Read the full post »

Authors Guild Push for 50 Percent E-Book Royalty for Traditional Authors

AuthorsGuild-ComputerScreenBack in 2009, e-books accounted for only about 3-5 percent of book sales, so a 25 percent royalty didn’t have as much impact on an author’s earnings. Today, e-books represent 25-30 percent of all adult trade book sales, but the e-book royalty has remained the same for most traditionally published writers. The Authors Guild, which called the practice unfair, has launched an initiative seeking 50 percent e-book royalty for all traditional authors. Read the full post »

Writing Contest: Ink Smith Publishing Launches First Annual Book Awards

Manuscript&Fruits-CindyFazziPicInk Smith Publishing is seeking entries for its first annual contest—the 2015 ISP Book Publishing Awards—for unpublished science fiction, horror, and fantasy manuscripts written in English. Read the full post »

Eight Knockout Movies Featuring Boxers and Fighters

WarriorDVD-CindyFazziThere’s something fascinating about watching a physical fight. Whether it’s witnessing a group of high school boys duking it out during a basketball game or watching Rocky getting bloodied in all six movies in the franchise, the effect is similar. A fight is thrilling. Read the full post »

“Other Women’s Children” by Perri Klass: The Doctor as Literary Heroine

PerriKlassNovel-CindyFazziPhotoBook Review: “Other Women’s Children” by Perri Klass, published by Random House, 1990

In my debut romance book, I chose a young ER doctor as my heroine. She has stirred up strong reactions, both good and bad. Perhaps I should have written about a teacher or a caterer or some other profession commonly used in romance, but reading this excellent novel by Perri Klass reinforced my belief that physicians make great heroines. Read the full post »

How Raymond Carver Suckered Me into His Minimalist Style

WhatwetalkwhenwetalkabtloveBook Review: “What We Talk about When We Talk about Love” by Raymond Carver, first published as a collection of short stories in 1981 by Knopf.

I’m not proud to admit that I read Raymond Carver only last month. Of course, I’ve heard of Carver—one of the most influential American short-story writers—but I never felt compelled to read his work until I watched “Birdman” and “Everything Must Go,” both of which were inspired by Carver’s stories. Read the full post »

Romance Junkies: 5 Reasons Why Women Love Boxing Heroes

InHisCorner-ComputerScreenThis is an excerpt from an article I wrote for Romance Junkies, published on July 13, 2015.

Why do men like boxing? I think it’s the same reason they used to gather behind the school at lunchtime when they were 10 years old. They wished they were the toughie giving the school bully a good whooping. They like watching a good fistfight. I understand that, but why do women love boxing? Read the full post »

Two Chinese Publishers Join List of World’s Biggest Publishers

Books5-CindyFazziPearson, the U.K.-based educational publishing company, remains the world’s biggest publisher, according to the Livres Hebdo/Publishers Weekly annual ranking based on 2014 revenues. Two Chinese publishers were among the top 10 out of 57 companies that were ranked. Read the full post »


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