“Other Women’s Children” by Perri Klass: The Doctor as Literary Heroine

PerriKlassNovel-CindyFazziPhotoBook Review: “Other Women’s Children” by Perri Klass, published by Random House, 1990

In my debut romance book, I chose a young ER doctor as my heroine. She has stirred up strong reactions, both good and bad. Perhaps I should have written about a teacher or a caterer or some other profession commonly used in romance, but reading this excellent novel by Perri Klass reinforced my belief that physicians make great heroines. Read the full post »

How Raymond Carver Suckered Me into His Minimalist Style

WhatwetalkwhenwetalkabtloveBook Review: “What We Talk about When We Talk about Love” by Raymond Carver, first published as a collection of short stories in 1981 by Knopf.

I’m not proud to admit that I read Raymond Carver only last month. Of course, I’ve heard of Carver—one of the most influential American short-story writers—but I never felt compelled to read his work until I watched “Birdman” and “Everything Must Go,” both of which were inspired by Carver’s stories. Read the full post »

Romance Junkies: 5 Reasons Why Women Love Boxing Heroes

InHisCorner-ComputerScreenThis is an excerpt from an article I wrote for Romance Junkies, published on July 13, 2015.

Why do men like boxing? I think it’s the same reason they used to gather behind the school at lunchtime when they were 10 years old. They wished they were the toughie giving the school bully a good whooping. They like watching a good fistfight. I understand that, but why do women love boxing? Read the full post »

Two Chinese Publishers Join List of World’s Biggest Publishers

Books5-CindyFazziPearson, the U.K.-based educational publishing company, remains the world’s biggest publisher, according to the Livres Hebdo/Publishers Weekly annual ranking based on 2014 revenues. Two Chinese publishers were among the top 10 out of 57 companies that were ranked. Read the full post »

Romance Author Kristina Mathews Proves Naysayers Wrong



Someone once told Kristina Mathews, a self-professed “sports fanatic,” that romance novels about athlete heroes wouldn’t sell. It’s good she didn’t listen to the naysayers. “I knew deep down that I wasn’t the only woman who loves sports, and I probably wasn’t the only woman who wanted to read about athletes and how hard it is to have the kind of personal success they enjoyed on the field,” she said. Read the full post »

Author Mae Clair’s “Myth and Magic” Combines Romance and Suspense

Myth And Magic-smallIn Mae Clair’s latest book, Halloween is scorching hot. “I always wanted to write a tale centered on that holiday,” she said. The result is “Myth and Magic,” a romantic suspense and mystery novel inspired by her childhood fascination about a haunted house in her neighborhood. Read the full post »

Should Publishers Partner with Public Libraries in Promoting Books?

Should publishers partner with public libraries in promoting new books?

A marketing expert thinks publishers should partner with public libraries in promoting new books.

Given the diminishing number of bricks-and-mortars bookstores, should publishers partner with public libraries in showcasing new books? A marketing expert thinks it’s a logical and viable option. Read the full post »

Discovering James Salter and the Beauty of “A Sport and a Pastime”

ASportandAPastime2-CindyFazziPhotoI discovered James Salter’s “A Sport and a Pastime” last year, thanks to my writing critique partner’s recommendation. I don’t know how I missed such a beautiful novel all these years, but better late than never. Read the full post »

Author and Artist Michele Stegman Weaves Art—Literally and Figuratively

Conquest-cover1000Michele Stegman, an author and artist, weaves historical romance novels, as well as fabric. Her passion as a fabric artist is reflected in her writing. “I have never written a scene where material or any clothing is blithely discarded,” she said. Likewise, her genre inspires her art. “I love to paint people in historical costume,” she added. Read the full post »

5 Tips: How to Read More Books You Like

Kidreading-CindyFazziI don’t want to be a quitter, so I used to always finish books I choose to read. However, as my responsibilities grew with marriage, motherhood, and full-time employment, I changed my reading policy. Now I’m more than glad to drop a book I don’t like. Read the full post »


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