Digital Fatigue Causing Lower E-Book Sales?

E-book readers who said they are reading fewer e-books cited a preference for old-fashioned print books.

E-book readers who said they are reading fewer e-books cited a preference for old-fashioned print books.

A survey conducted by the American Association of Publishers (AAP) and another one by the Codex Group show a decline in sales of e-books, which the latter attributes to a phenomenon called “digital fatigue.” Read the full post »

Brexit and Other New Words Stemming from Political News

London Sculpture-VinceFazziPhoto

“Vroom Vroom” sculpture by Lorenzo Quinn, outside The Dorchester on Park Lane in London—where the word Brexit originated. (Photo by Vincent Fazzi, May 2011.)

The European Union’s loss is the English vocabulary’s gain. We’re talking about Brexit, a new word stemming from the news. Read the full post »

Tips on Polishing Your Novel from Paula Munier’s “Writing with Quiet Hands”

Hydrangeas&Manuscript1After you’ve revised your manuscript for the nth time, the final stretch of polishing can be daunting. You’ve maxed out your writing group’s goodwill and your own editing fatigue has set in. When you reach this point, Paula Munier’s tips on “principled polishing” will help a lot. Read the full post »

Do You Know What Makes a Book a Book?

Books-WhiteRoses-CindyFazziPhotoThe increasing popularity of e-books has some people asking what makes a book a book? Is it the physical qualities of paper, ink, and binding or the content? Read the full post »

Digital Imprints Owned by Big 5 Publishers Accept Genre Fiction


(Photo by Cindy Fazzi, 2016)

If you’re an unpublished genre writer, check out the digital imprints owned by Big Five publishers for submission opportunities. Read the full post »

Normcore, Americaphobia, and 8 Other New Words to Take Note Of

Are you emojinal? Photo credit: Wicker Paradise via Visual hunt / CC BY

Are you emojinal? (Photo by Wicker Paradise via Visual hunt / CC BY)

The English language evolves all the time. New words are born and old words change meanings. This evolution is part of what makes writing exciting. Here are 10 new or newly coined words to take note of. Read the full post »

Are You Ready for Rotten Tomatoes for Books?

Books4-CindyFazziPicLiterary Hub (LitHub) wants to be the Rotten Tomatoes for books. It recently launched Book Marks, which aggregates book reviews. Depending on your attitude, this is the latest sign of either our love affair with algorithm or overreliance on it. Read the full post »

Top 10 Villains in Literature

Silence3-Silenceofthelambs-CoverHeroes and heroines in literature stand out with the help of those we love to hate—villains. The best villains challenge, anger, and terrify us. They keep us reading as much as the protagonists. Read the full post »

8 Overused and Meaningless Words to Avoid

Photo credit: Leo Reynolds via / CC BY-NC-SA

Photo credit: Leo Reynolds via / CC BY-NC-SA

There are about one million English words, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary. If you’re a writer, you have plenty to choose from. You have no reason to resort to overused words that have become meaningless. Read the full post »

Seattle is America’s Most Well-Read City—Again

Books Sign-CindyFazziPicSeattle is America’s most well-read city for two years in a row, according to Amazon. Texas is the most well-read state with four of its cities making the top 20 list. Read the full post »


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